Venture Chemicals was established in 1977 and is the manufacturer and producer of the first cellulose fiber. In the years since, we have developed a significant number of other drilling fluid additive/ LCM products for the oil and gas industry.

We have over 200 patents issued verifying our ability to innovate and develop products that solve drilling and completion problems that arise.

Our plant has been upgraded to conform to and provide quality production consistently and in a pro-safety environment.

We have over 38 years of field and management experience. Our manufacturing plant does the following on a routine basis:

  • Grinding
  • Sizing
  • Blending products
  • Private labeling

You value your products and we value your business. Please consider Venture Chemicals to manufacture your products as we have experience, know-how and the lowest cost in the market today.

Please call Venture Chemicals and allow us to lower your cost of goods.



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